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“CITY LIGHTS” Exhibition Justyny Pennards-Sycz


We are pleased to announce that new artist joined the group of creators exhibiting their works in Food Art Gallery. Justin Pennards-Sycz – Polish admitted painter, creates every day in the Netherlands. This time in Wroclaw she will present a series of works titled City Lights “. Her works can be viewed free of charge from 7 July to 31 August in Food Art Gallery.

Justyna Pennards-Sycz – Polish painter, economist and translator, the initiator of the foundation for the promotion of contemporary art Galerie Archipel in Amersfoort (Netherlands). In 1982 her family decided to leave Poland. She lived initially in Germany, then in France and now in the Netherlands. Early creative attempts and enthousiasm for fine art resulted in studies at the HKU University of the Arts and the subsequent development in the spirit of abstract painting. Co-author of numerous artistic projects popularizing fine art in public spaces (including 033Mondrian, Hotel Bloom, Livebuild). Her works have been exhibited in the Netherlands, Poland, Austria and the USA. In 2014 she represented Poland at the Edinburgh Art Fair in Great Britain.

The “City Lights”exhibition at the Food Art Gallery consists of experimental paintings showing the research of color-light-compositions in an urban environment. In the dark cities take on a hypnotic, oneiric charm – neon sides become a guide
defining scraps of safe spaces. They are the universal language and symbol of the metropolis. Light leads us, is soothing, shows us the truth. I hope this exhibition can motivate you to make your own journeys into the beauty of this underestimated world.


Anna Niemczycka-Gottfried (Rynekisztuka.pl)
about the „City Lights” exhibition Justyna Pennards-Sycz about the „City Lights” exhibition The “City Lights” exhibition at the Food Art Gallery in Wroclaw, consisting mainly of paintings from the “Night”-series, is a guide to a city seen at night – inscrutable, intangible, full of secrets and loneliness and yet seductive. The artist passing the bright lights of the neons becomes a cartographer who sees individual landscapes, full of charm hidden in avenues and city corners. Justyna is trying to convince us that there is always a light worth following.

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