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Edyta Duduś “Portraits of life”

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Edyta Duduś – graduate of the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design Wrocław (undergraduate degree). She focuses on easel painting and video. Her works involve people entangled in certain situations and emotions. She is interested in the world of intimate experiences of individuals. She has a strong need to only suggest a topic and avoid direct communication.

Exhibitions and awards: Mediations Biennale Inn., Poznań, 2014; Distinction at the competition “Postawy II” the Wrocław edition, 2014; Finalist of the 2nd, 3rd and 5th round of the international competition ArtSlant, USA, 2014; the 3rd International Art Exhibition in Nyiracsad, Hungary, 2014; Prix de Peinture 2013, Paris; Strangers in Paradise, Amsterdam, 2013; Finalist of the competition “Postawy I” the Wrocław edition, 2013; Two painting distinctions by Rebecca Wilson, Saatchi Art’s chief curator, 2013. Works of the artist are available in private and corporate collections in Poland and abroad.


Pieces; shots; scraps of events; blurred frames: fuzzy and imprecise; traces: a figure, a piece of pavement, an interior at dusk, a scene on a terrace, in a park… – no possibility to tell; an echo of someone’s presence in an inscrutable place and time. This is the truth of the intricacies of our memory: capricious, filtered and distorted by deceptive emotions and imagination. Edyta Duduś talks about such an undistorted truth about us and transiency, about reality or rather what is left of it in her latest fully mature cycles of paintings.Her works record emotions caused by events and psychological situations selectively and subjectively registered and stored in the form of ascetic paintings in which the reality becomes a kind of a dream or mirage. The poetics of hypnotic visions, insinuations, haze and musings is an inherent feature of this artist; it has already manifested in her earlier, very private and understated – in terms of drawing expression – cycles of works produced for pieces of prose by Olga Tokarczuk, and in cycles of small window sketches comprising gateways to other dimensions, symbolic portraits of places and moods; Edyta, with her expressive tendency to perceives everything through the prism of psychology, also better portrays a mood, atmosphere, aura of places and situations of which she talks. As her teacher, for a few years now, I have been following the development of this very dear to me, intriguing, interesting personality with my genuine satisfaction; I am convinced that Edyta will keep this pensive and reflective tendency to brood over the World and the nature of people, and will be talking about this to us with an increasing intensity.

Professor Janusz Jaroszewski on Edyta Duduś’ works

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