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Food Art Gallery serves original cuisine based on the combination of tradition and fascination with the avant-garde and the unexpected. Polish flavours assume a new face, while natural aromas and textures are transformed into creative combinations.
The artistic minimalism of food, its sensuality and beauty are the proof of the exceptional nature of Food Art Gallery. They are supplemented by inspirations drawn from all things Polish and traditional flavours in a modern rendition.

Dishes prepared with seasonal products of the highest creative potential become works of art. They captivate your senses and arouse your imagination. Apart from the classic menu à la carte, we serve specialities inspired by the moment.


FoodArtGallery – Nasze Wina
FoodArtGallery – Nasze Wina

Selection of Wine

The wine list at Food Art Gallery includes carefully selected beverages of the most famous Champagne houses and esteemed vineyards of Europe and the world. Along with high-quality younger vintages, the list offers noble mature wine as well as second wine. This creative selection is admired by both novice and experienced wine lovers.

Created by an experienced sommelier, the list perfectly fits the culinary works of art served by our master chef.

Wine List

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Art Gallery


Art Gallery

In terms of art,
Food Art Gallery is a unique exhibition of paintings and graphics. This is a contemporary art gallery presenting works by largely unseen young local artists next to works by established Polish artists. The passion of discovering and promoting these real gems gives joy of what is beautiful and unexpected in life.

Agata Kosmala w FoodArtGallery
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Food Art Gallery is an exciting experience for those seeking beauty in every aspect of life. This is a combination of a sophisticated restaurant with a contemporary art gallery. This is a restaurant where creation has many names and culinary masterpieces live in harmony with modern graphic arts.

In Food Art Gallery food becomes an artistic sensation; sophisticated art is presented in unexpected context. Everything is perfectly complemented by the subtle interior design that defines the place where tasting the beauty is a feast for all the senses.

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Head Chef

FoodArtGallery Mariusz Kozak Szef Kuchni
FoodArtGallery Mariusz Kozak Szef Kuchni

Knowledge and

Head Chef

Rafał Tytuła

Chef with 12 years of experience, which he gained working in remarkable restaurants in London, such as Club Gascon, Bonds, Plateau and Clos Maggiore. He honed his skills with world-class chefs: Pascal Aussignac, Barry Tonks, Allan Pickett, as well as Marcellin Marc. After returning to the Poland he opened and managed, place named Bon Appetit, which was very liked by most of the people in Kraków.
In addition to experience, he has a lot of passion, positive energy and optimism, and in the culinary world he is always looking for unusual connections, most inspired by the style surf and turf, which surprise the palate of Guests.

Natural classic combinations and high-quality seasonal products are responsible for the taste and texture of dishes. I am passionate about cuisine that is created for all the senses.
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Food Art Gallery
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