What can go wrong with PBN hosting

Use of Inappropriate Images

Although is might work fine with some TV commercials, it is usually a bad idea to present pictures girls in bikini along with advertisements such as industrial widgets or books or video games. It results in creating a deceptive image in the customers mind and it confuses him. Moreover, it is also against regulations and guidelines that many websites present. The rule is simple, if you sell bluseo pbn hosting, show a picture of one – if possible with the widget highlighted in some interesting way.

Capitalization of Every Word

It is a major mistake to capitalize each and every word in your ad’s title. Similar situation occurs with regards to capitalizing proper names and the first word in a sentence. Just stick to typical capitalization rules and you will be fine.

Capitalization of Entire Words

Ask yourself the following question: is this REALLY THAT IMPORTANT? Of course there are some exceptions to this rule, for example when your business name is typically presented in caps, or when you are using a discount code or an acronym. In such cases using capital letter is just fine, but normally you want to follow the rule “less is more”.

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