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XY ankamierzejewska

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podpis_xy_copyXY ankamierzejewska – graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław; holds the grants of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship Local Government. Paints expressively in large formats. Uses acrylic paints. A hallmark of her paintings is the clash of the drawing with planes of clean and flat colours. She experiments with different primers with unique textures and colours, which often become part of the composition of the painting. She took part in several exhibitions in Poland and abroad, including the prestigious exhibition “Polish Art of the 20th Century” at Zachęta in Warsaw. www.artxy.eu

The XY ankamierzejewska exhibition at FOOD ART GALLERY is a compilation of several works that share the same painting method and the essence of the XY-style. This is particularly evident in “Łabędzie” (Swans) and “Pływacy” (Swimmers). The use of fabrics, canvas or other colourful materials as part of the composition of the painting is characteristic. The XY philosophy can be summed up in the following words: “Less is more” or “Simply about simple things.” You can also compare its big colourful fleshy canvas to delicate tiny watercolours. What do they have in common? A touch of perfection in the brush. Here and there the first trace is the right one and remains there forever. The second feature is the light. A watercolour is made of light. Light is what is not covered with paint; what is left; what is the breath, silence and space carrying the meaning of the painting. The same thing happens in XY paintings. Although sometimes there is so much paint that it drips down, the works consist mostly of air and understatements. They are poetry. They surprise and please; arouse emotions; they are powerful. It is also worth noting the fun present in XY paintings, playing with forms and colours, and inviting the audience to join the fun. She uses spray and fluorescent colours. First she precisely draws a form e.g. every little detail of a chandelier, then she nonchalantly sprays it with pink paint, to finish by wrapping it with a giant octopus painted with a thin brush using raw acrylic white. Don’t think you know everything about XY paintings. They will surprise you every day.

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XY_LABEDZIE_A_180-150_cmXY ankamierzejewska
Łabędzie / 200x30cm